The most popular Vietnamese coffees

The most popular Vietnamese coffees

Espresso, cappucino, mocha... we don’t use these names to call our Vietnamese coffee. The traditional Vietnamese coffee and its favorite variations are mostly robusta and made in absolutely different ways – with a ‘filter’ (or ‘dripper’), and are named based on their characteristics and/or ingredients. 

The most popular Vietnamese coffees include:

1. Vietnamese Black coffee

It is black, for sure. This down-to-earth coffee is best when it’s made with a filter and served with granulated, refined sugar. Bitter and very strong, so not recommended for beginners!

See recipe: Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Ca Phe Da)
The most popular Vietnamese coffees

2. Milk coffee (or Brown coffee)

Milk coffee in Saigon, or Brown coffee in Hanoi – different names but the coffee is basically the same. The coffee drips through a filter onto a layer of condensed milk in the cup. Before you drink, stir well until the coffee turns caramel-colored. Beware – it’s condensed milk, so the coffee is pretty sweet.

The hot coffee is served in a small cup placed in the middle of a bowl filled with hot water to keep it warm. You can also pour it into a glass of ice (cubed or crushed) and enjoy iced coffee. Hot or iced, it’s always creamy and sweet.

3. Vietnamese Egg coffee

This much-loved newbie is becoming very popular among the Hanoi youth. Egg yolk is whipped with sugar until it gets foamy then poured over a little coffee in a cup. Served hot or with ice. Many of my customers said it’s super creamy, tastes a bit like caramel and chocolate (but nothing like egg!!!), and in brief, YUMMY!

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